Corporate Smokejumper Crisis Management Tools, Tales, and Techniques

What people are saying...

“Based on my 30 plus years of examining management books and selecting some for graduate-level courses, I think Corporate Smokejumper is EXCELLENT! It’s a great format—fluent and easy to comprehend.”

— M. Raymond Alvarez, DHA, FACHE, MPA

“If I could only have one reference source for effective crisis management, this would be it. Meyer has compiled a wealth of experience and knowledge into a book that should be at the ready for a great many people.”

— Paul Dice, Executive Director,

Millville, NJ Housing Authority

Book Synopsis: Corporate Smokejumper

The front lines of corporate crisis management are hot and sweaty. The lessons learned are hard won, and the experiences are not for the faint of heart. This book shares the inside perspective of a veteran practitioner who throughout his career developed creative new ways for addressing the gut wrenching challenges that come with leading the response to high-stakes crises.

Gil Meyer knows how to manage crises that have no good solutions. Here he shares the tools he created as well as how to use them. His roles at DuPont and elsewhere offered the challenges of leading the response to a wide range of crises: massive natural disasters, tragic industrial accidents, pandemic and infectious disease threats, expensive product quality problems and much more.

In Corporate Smokejumper he weaves the tales from inside the steamy crisis rooms where the no-win decisions are made.

  • If you already are facing a crisis, grab this book and run toward the fire. The book is written with you in mind.
  • If your career hinges on your ability to fight crises on a regular basis, here are field tested tools and techniques that will allow you to lead effectively during your company’s most difficult days.
  • If your instincts tell you a crisis awaits, your instincts are correct. For virtually any organization, it’s not whether a crisis will hit—it’s when. With this book, you will be ready for when.
  • If you always wondered what it is like to be inside the conference room where executives wrestle with complex dilemmas, here are tales from behind the closed doors.

Additional Reviews

“I enjoyed it from cover to cover. As a seasoned issues management practitioner working with a wide range of industries, I recommend Corporate Smokejumper to senior executives who wonder if their companies are fully prepared for a major crisis. The book outlines a real-world approach to crisis management. The techniques have been tested and shown to be effective in today's fast-paced complex business environment.”

— Kelly Henry, Owner, H&G Public Affairs, LLC

“As a veteran practitioner from the front-lines of crisis management who developed and ran his own business in this arena for 25 years, I can confirm that Corporate Smokejumper offers guidance that is enormously valuable to both the new professional in the field and the seasoned expert. The recommendations are vital for building and implementing an effective crisis management program.”

— Ray Germann

“Gil was one of my first masters in the art of issues and crisis management. This book is an excellent way to learn firsthand the practical aspects of the art directly from one of the top global experts.”

— Dr. Kiko Suarez

“I was fortunate to be in the field receiving support and guidance from Gil during my tenure as an Emergency Response leader for DuPont. Without the robust Crisis Management Program that Gil oversaw, success was not possible. His tools and techniques work. They are truly field-tested—I can attest. My experience shows that the program worked every time and in some very difficult situations. This program is a MUST HAVE.”

— Tom Keefer, Special Programs and Development Manager,
Specialized Professional Services, Inc.

“Corporate Smokejumper by Gil Meyer, is a must-read for anyone responsible for public affairs, whether in the private, public or non-profit sector. It also is strongly recommended reading for CEOs and other senior managers. Mr. Meyer has written THE textbook on crisis preparedness, planning and management. Based on his frontline experience in navigating crises around the globe for multinational giant DuPont, he provides step-by-step guidelines for preparing for, responding to, and managing your way through a crisis. It is clear, concise and to-the-point with real-world scenarios seasoned with a dash of humor. When a crisis strikes, this is the book you need to have at your fingertips.”

— Kevin Brown, Communications Executive